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A little about Code Cobber

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Providing a helping hand to business. Leaving you to concentrate on what matters


FREE Website themes

In an attempt to give something back to the open source community, I have provided a small selection of themes under the MIT licence.

Feel free to take a look. FREE THEMES

So, Cobber . . . A strange little word isn't it. Derived from old English and used in New Zealand and Australia, it's an informal way of calling someone your friend or mate (though mainly used by men rather than women). Well it sounded better that Code Mate and I like the concept, a friend who codes.


Why are they free?

Because it’s nice to give back. Not everyone does or can, but I thought it nice to help those who may need a hand. Simply select a theme and click the download button, then follow the install instructions . . . Simple.

All of the website themes are built using a simple cms (content management system) allowing elegant, stylish and free designs for your business.  


My approach to web design         

I design and build of responsive websites and themes for businesses and organisations alike. Many of the websites and themes are built using a simple yet effective cms (content management system) allowing elegant, stylish and affordable website solutions.

I like using the GetSimple cms primarily because it's nice to work with, it's easy, it's fast and it's great for users in business who just want to crack on with web site updates.


With over a decade of experience in digital development I've learnt the best way to help is to listen. Understanding the requirements of a project is essential and reduces any confusion or misunderstanding at a later stage.

I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, from small start-ups, to existing small businesses and larger national organisations such as the NHS.

From intranets, ticketing systems, user access plugins and searches to traditional company websites, I provide the potential for business to grow through free easy edit online solutions.


GetSimple cms

For the business that needs to save time and reduce complexity in their website, a cms is the ideal solution without requiring any prevoius knowledge of HTML or code. 

Every business is different but all businesses have one thing in common. They all need to save time somewhere. Some cms (content management system) can be bloated, overly complicated and cumbersome to use. Small businesses don't have the luxury of spending hours learning a new system.

The ideal cms lets you log in, edit and publish your content and log back out so you can concentrate on your core business. A cms does this perfectly, it's tailor made for most small to medium sized business, it's fast and easy to edit. Just what every small business needs. 



Did you know?

The average user makes a decision about a web site within the first 30 seconds. With that in mind, I like to keep the designs uncluttered in an attempt to ensure the user receives the right amount of information they require. Holding the user's attention will increase the likelihood that they do business with you.


I hope this helps explain a little about Code Cobber and how I work. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email.


Thanks for your time.



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