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Getsimple has a nice feature called cloning. Cloning is the ability to copy an existing page with all the settings and make a new page exactly the same. Once created you then have the ability to change aspects of the page such as the heading and the title, the URL of the page (the page slug).

The ability to clone a page means the user doesn't have to re create a new page from scratch and reset all the settings like a similar page.

Instead, just click with clone option and change the URL (the page slug), the page title and any metadata that they require. This is ideal if you have for example a blog page and you wish to use the same styling again but obviously with different content. Selecting an existing blog page and then selecting the clone option is an easy, simple, fast and effective way. Cloning will save you time and any potential mishaps or mistakes in the creation of a new page.

The whole process of creating a new page via he clone option takes seconds, making the it another attractive feature provided by the getsimple cms.

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