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What is SSL?

SSL Security is a method used to ensure the protection of your data. By using encrypted code between your browser and the server, the encrypted code ensures that all your data passed between the web server and browsers remain private.

To create an SSL connection a web server must have a valid SSL Certificate. To obtain the SSL certificate on your web server you are required to provide proof of your identity and that you own the domain of the website. Once verified, an authorised certificate authority will issue a certificate for your domain. With the certificate in place, your web server proceeds to create two cryptographic keys - a Private Key and a Public Key. Your web server will check your issued SSL Certificate to ensure is matches the data on your private key and the you will be able to establish an encrypted link between the website and your site visitor's browser. Don't stress though as most web hosting providers take care of the whole process for you.

The whole checking of the SSL certificates process is hidden from your site visitors. To make things simple and easy to understand, the browsers provide visual indicators to show if a site holds a SSL certificate. This is done via a lock icon in the address bar. By clicking on the lock icon information can be read about the site SSL certificate. An SSL certificate will contain your domain name, your company name, your address, your city, your region and your country. It will also show the expiry date of the certificate and who issued the certificate.

 What about Google?

Something you should be aware of, Google has stated they will introduce a browser alert message if a website fails to hold a valid SSL certificate. If a website does not have a SSL certificate visitors to the site will be provided with a message stating the site may be insecure. It should be noted that just because a website does not hold a SSL certificate does not automatically make it a scammers site or unsecure. However, in the log run you don't want to scare people away from your website just because you don't have a certificate, it is probably in the best interests of your website to invest in an SSL certificate as things are not likely to change.

LCN webhosting

As stated in the webprices section of the website, Code Cobber use LCN as our preferred supplier for webhosting. 
They offer SSL cerificates as standard when you buy the basic business hosting package. LCN.com


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