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We all need a helping hand every now and then, with that in mind I created Code Cobber as a way to provide responsive html themes and templates for free. It's always nice to get something for free.

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Please note! All themes provide an over all style to the website and also allows the user edit the site quickly and easily. As with any theme, the user must add their own content. The user is provided with templates that are used to make new pages where the user then places their own content in the website.

Code Cobber has endeavoured to ensure the themes are responsive and work on most modern devices, however Code Cobber does NOT guarantee or warrant that the website template will meet all your requirements. Code Cobber have aimed to provide themes that are without errors, however we DO NOT guarantee that the website template is without any errors or faults. You understand that the use of the website template or resources provided is entirely at your own risk. You understand that the entire risk and cost of any alterations are yours and NOT Code Cobber.

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