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In today's world anything we can get for free and legally of course is a blessing, providing savings to the individual and businesses alike. Provided below are a few links that we think you'll like. Much of the software is used world wide and has a large following. Some you may know or have heard of like Fire Fox, others may be less familiar to you. Whatever the case, we would like to share some of the legally free software links with you and hope you can get as much enjoyment and help as we have over the years. We've tried to provide a selection of software that runs on both Linux and windows platforms (sorry mac users). Most of the linux users will undoubtedly already use most of the software here but then it's still good to publicise those developers who put so much hard work and dedication in to the opensource projects. We hope you enjoy . . .

Operating systems

Ubuntu logo


In a truely open source way Ubuntu brings freedom to millions. For years linux has been synonymous with geeks and black screens, too much effort for little return. But things are changing. As I write this Dell now offer computers with an alternative to Microsoft operating system. Ubuntu is a linux opensource operating system that is totally free and provides access to a multitude of additional opensource free software. Businesses and governments alike are switching to ubuntu linux, saving themselves a huge amount of money because they don't have to pay a licence fee to Microsoft. It's free! See why others are making the switch.

Available on: Linux


Firefox logo


An extremely versatile and easy to use browser. With a huge amount of plugins this browser caters not only for the first time internet user but also the experienced web developers.

Available on: Linux, Windows

Chrome logo


A fantastic browser with a nice area showing previews of previously visited sites. For developers the inspect element functions opens up a wide array of tools which aid the inspections and dissecting of code. Plug ins are also available for a wide array of needs, web dev tool bar, validation etc.

Available on: Linux, Windows


Open office logo

Open Office

There is an alternative to MS Office, it's called open office and is used by businesses and individuals around the globe. Comprehensive, efficient, fast and compatible with existing MS formats so you can send and receive documents, spreadsheets, databases and presentations with others. With an easy to use interface and a wide array of tutorials and help guides on the net and in publication you can't go wrong. Developed by Sun Microsystems this package will provide all the functionality required for any of today's businesses.

Available on: Linux, Windows

Mozilla Thnderbird logo

Mozilla Thunderbird

From Mozilla, the makers of Firefox comes a great email application that enables you download your emails, add contacts, and basically do anything that the old outlook express did. The nice interface makes it an easy application to use for anyone who is familiar with email.

Available on: Linux, Windows


gimp logo


GIMP-GNU Image Manipulation Program. Most people have heard of photoshop, well this fantastic application competes with commercial software on all levels. Remove red eye, create amazing effects using filters and retouch those old photos. Available in a variety of formats from MS windows, Linux and Mac OS. Use as a simple paint program or as an expert rendering and photo manipulation program.

Available on: Linux, Windows

Inkscape logo


Inkscape- scalable vector graphics Program. This Open Source vector graphics editor provides the user with capabilities similar to those used in Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X. It is an extremely powerful application and yet surprisingly easy to grasp the editing concepts. Why pay ridiculous amounts for software when there are alternatives like this available? Use this and you won't be disappointed.

Available on: Linux, Windows

Blender logo


You may know of Maya, Softimage xs and 3DS Max but have you heard of Blender? This 3D design application truly competes with the best. There are a multitude of tutorials and explanations on the internet and in print. If you don't want to hand out wads of cash (and why should you?) then please consider blender. Take a look at what can be done by visiting their site and view the gallery section. Your jaw will drop!

Available on: Linux, Windows

Text Editors

Brackets logo


Brackets is a lightweight, yet powerful, modern text editor. Blending visual tools into the editor so you get the right amount of help when you want it. With auto completion, syntax highlighting and multiview. Change theme colour to your liking and access a huge array of pluins. This is by far my favourite editor.

Available on: Linux, Windows

Geany logo


More than your average text editor, this handy piece of software caters for most developers who like to code by hand. Have a look at the features on the site. With auto completion, syntax highlighting and multiview this truly is a great program. Geany provides a small and fast IDE with support for many file types. Many businesses use this editor because of its versatility. It is easy to use and will have your generating code in no time at all.

Available on: Linux, Windows

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