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The Undo feature

For those oops! moments


GetSimple has a nice little feature that provides the ability to perform a "Undo" on nearly every action the user performs on the admin section of thier website.

Imagine making a page and then later editing that page only to find that, oops you've just made a mistake. GetSimple allows you to select a link at the top of the page (the undo link) and revert back to a time before you made the (oops) edit.

The undo link only appears however while you are still on the active page being edited. Should you save the page and then navigate away to another page or part of the backend the undo option is not available. 

The lesson here is, once you make an edit to your page and save, make sure you stay on the page and double check your output via your browser to ensure all is as expected.


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