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What is a cms?

In the most basic terms, a cms(content management system) is a website framework that allows the owners and managers of the website to add, edit and remove content more efficiently.

Instead of having to learn code, the website owner can add new content in a similar method to using a text editor like MS Word.
It also allows better organisation of your content, images and documents which reduces duplication on your website.
Creating a page can be as simple as selecting the new page button, writing your new article for your business and then clicking save. . . it's that simple!

Some of the benefits of using a cms

  • Save time - No need for a web developer to update your content (in most cases)
  • Quicker creation of content
  • Better organisation of content
  • Better content consistency
  • Financial savings -(reduce need for developer updates)
  • Reduce duplication
  • Allow multiple users to edit your content
  • Access and edit your site anywhere
  • A wide variety of addons available for your website
  • More efficient authoring process
  • Efficient site navigation
  • Better site flexibility for future expansion
  • Better security

Simple admin area

I like the GetSimple cms . . . GS provides a good level of simplicity when it comes to using the the cms. GS comes with their original admin style however there are several additional admin themes available that will change the look of the admin area to more of a modern look.

One of aspects of GS I like the most is the simplicity of the admin area. In comparison to several other cms GS actually looks quite sparse. As a result, I think from a user perspective the cms becomes immediately less intimidating.

Page admin view for get Simple cms

The admin area consists of only five tabs in which the user can easily navigate. The method of breaking down the admin area into smaller more manageable chunks (compartmentalisation) means the user can focus on particular tasks without getting distracted or overwhelmed by additional options.

If you would like to know more about the cms here is an article I written earlier Read more

GetSimple Design processes with Code Cobber