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Recent Plugins

Over the past twelve months I've undertaken several projects involved in making getsimple easy to use( if indeed it can be). Get simple as you know is one of the easiest CMS available.

Unlike many cms getsimple doesn't come preloaded with an array of functionality. Instead it provides you the basics and lets you add on what you need when you need it.

On occasions, I found a particular plugin  I needed doesn't exist. In such cases  I decided to develop my own. All of the plugins listed below are working in a full production environment to date and have had a positive response from those using it.


Simple contacts

The first one is a simple telephone directory. Named simple contacts, the idea was to provide a basic telephone directory for large organisation or intranet and allow a search of employees details by first name, last name, department and location. follow a plugin within the cms, the actual search function is available via the front end of the CMS in the browser as opposed to the back-end with in the admin section.


Simple tickets

This plugin provided an organisation with the ability to create edit and delete tickets for use primarily by the IT or technical department of the organization. This plug-in is available primarily at the front end of the CMS in the browser so that staff can create their own tickets which would then be available to the IT department of the company.


Simple access

Getsimple does not come with its own installed user access function. Instead most people add an additional plug-in called multi-user which to be fair does a reasonably good job. I found however I needed more control over the access certain users had to specific pages throughout an organisation. As a result and in conjunction with the add multi user plug-in I created an additional plug-in called simple access. The plug-in initially looks at the author of each page created within the website and checks if the current user logged into the back-end of the cms is the author. If the user is not the author then access to the page is denied. There is also a permissions list where users can be added or removed from certain pages.


Simple forms

We all hate creating forms, however it's a necessary evil as part of web design. It can be time consuming and error-prone. With that in mind and I created another plugin called simple forms. In essence the plug-in allows you to create your own form within minutes through the use of selecting meaning of fuels required in the form. Once the user specifies the names of each field they simply click the create form button and they are presented with all of the code they need to embed into their page of choice. The floor the form includes front and back-end validation.


The future

Overall the past 6 months have been quite busy and I'm quite proud of the plugins I've built. May have enabled me to help others perform more effectively on the internet if you have any suggestions for any future problems, please by all means drop me an email I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Thanks for dropping by

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