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A popular business theme, Simple theme is basic in colour, utilising greys and blacks. It's easy to edit and has some animation too.

Simple theme on laptop


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The Challenge

The simple project caters for a traditional small business scenario. Simplistic and effective in colour and easy to use , this projects has the added addition of an easy edit area for the home page where the user can edit the content on the actual page. The project has plenty of areas to display content and contains simple animation.


  • Responsive theme
  • Built with GetSimple 3.3.13
  • One home page design template
  • Three content page templates
  • Compatible: IE10 up
  • Compatible: Chrome 60 up
  • Compatible: Firefox 55 up
  • Contains image animation
  • Images courtesy of Unsplash.com/

Server requirements
UNIX/Linux host
PHP 5.2+

Modules used
simpleXML, Apache mod_rewrite, ZipArchive, Curl, GD Library
, Please refer to Get Simple website.