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Touring theme is ideal for travel based content.

Simple, easy on the eye and easy to use.

Touring theme on laptop




All themes are licenced under the Code Cobber MIT Licence

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  • Responsive theme
  • Built with GetSimple 3.3.13
  • One home page design template
  • Three content page templates
  • Compatible: IE10 up
  • Compatible: Chrome 60 up
  • Compatible: Firefox 55 up
  • Contains image animation
  • Images courtesy of Unsplash
  • Front end form ONLY - (You will need to add your own php mail-send code)

Server requirements
UNIX/Linux host
PHP 5.2+

Modules used
simpleXML, Apache mod_rewrite, ZipArchive, Curl, GD Library
, Please refer to Get Simple website.

The downloaded theme is included in a fresh copy of the GetSimple cms. The theme also comes with dummy content for display purposes.

To install, simply unzip the downloaded file and upload to your web server, then follow the on screen instruction for installation. Once installed, activate the theme within the themes tab.

If you just want the theme without installing a fresh version the cms then unzip the download and copy the relevant theme from the theme folder to your existing GS site.

For more information, please refer to the GetSimple website for installation of the cms.

Images and components installation
The default path used in the template for the images (referenced in the componenets section), is set up to run off the root of your server. eg: /data/uploads/imgname.jpg'.

If you experience any difficulty, then simply re upload your images via the file upload manager and then copy/paste the link reference into your respective component.