Peace of mind.

Web site maintenance and updates can be conducted on your existing website as and when required. Updates are usually completed within 48 hours of your request.

Pay as you go

All maintenance work undertaken is charged at an hourly rate of £55.00, and billed in 30 minute increments. Invoices are issued on the 1st and 15th of the month. Any maintenance requested for completion outside office hours will incur additional charges. If you want something a little different, that's fine too, let us know what you require and I can provide a bespoke quote tailored to your business. Code Cobber - providing the web site you want, how you want, when you need it.

Website maintenance agreements

Web site maintenance can be very time consuming but is vitally important to the lifespan of the web site. Constantly changing content provides new stimulus for the site visitor, engaging their curiosity and interest. Keeping the web site fresh and update ensures your visitors not only return but recommend your siteothers. I provide several options for our customerskeep their web sites in tip top condition, update and accurate on a regular basis.

  • Starter 1
  • £55.00
  • 1 Hour Maintenance per month
  • 2 updates per month
  • Option 3
  • £150.00
  • 3 Hours Maintenance per month
  • 6 updates per month
  • Option 5
  • £200.00
  • 5 Hours Maintenance per month
  • 10 updates per month

What does each hour get me?

I bill by the hour (in 30 min blocks), minimum 1 hour. I log everything in an hour log and bill at the end of the month. I also strictly enforce that all updates under 2 hours require 2 days for completion and updates over 3 hours require 5 days notice.

In general Code Cobber don't conduct updates sent that day and charge extra for next day rush updates. This serves all our customers well and ensures that those who submit update requests in advance aren't pushed to the back of the queue by last minute updates from other customers. It pays to be prepared. I endeavour to provide the best service possible for all of omy clients and will update your requests as quickly as possible.

This is important to ensure that 'Client's don't wait to send updates the day before they need them (or Monday morning expecting the update to be complete by lunch time), therefore interrupting the design schedule of existing projects.

The majority of the 'Client's sites are on CMS systems, so they are able to perform the updates themselves, this is more for the 'Client's who find it difficult or aren't interested or are too busy and need something more than a regular update.

What is included in the web maintenance contract

Provided below are examples of what you could use your update time for. They are examples and as such you can mix and match as you see fit. All updates / alterations include coding, testing and uploading.

Web site updates include:

Simply put - this part of the contract relates to any website additions and amendments.

  • Content alterations and additions
  • Image addition or replacement
  • Add new page
  • Simple design and development tasks
Here are some examples
  • Text changes - Any text - eg:Posting company news or articles ('Client' supplied text).
  • Adding links to other pages or web sites
  • Set up your email accounts
  • Picture changes - replacing content with new ('Client' supplied images).
  • Graphic changes - replacing content with new ('Client' supplied images).
  • Adding necessary scripts or website applications
  • Creating site back-ups
  • Keep © notice up to date
  • Creation of ads or teasers on the home page (One per month)*
  • Marketing advice and suggestions to encourage visitors to spend more time on the site.
  • If Get Simple content management is used
    • Addition / removal of users to system
    • Change user details
    • Changing permissions and access

* Please Note!

The creation of new graphical artwork such as small ads or retouched photos for use on the web site will be charged at £55.00 per hour. (minimum 1 hour charge - there after in 30 minute blocks)

What IS NOT included in the web maintenance contract

Web design maintenance does not include the following:
  • New web site or template design
  • Custom script design
  • Hosting
  • Generation of large scale / full page redesign of adverts or artwork
  • OnSite visits
  • Content Creation
  • SEO work

Examples of what you could have in each hour:

Provided below are examples of what you could use you update time for. They are examples and as such you can mix and match as you see fit. All updates / alterations include coding, testing and uploading.

Example 1
  • Slot 1 - Image update
  • Slot 2 - Textual update
  • Slot 3 - Link changes
Example 2
  • Slot 1 - Site backup
  • Slot 2 - PDF creation
  • Slot 3 - Link changes
Example 3
  • Move elements
  • Add new image
  • Change header slide
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