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Responsive web design

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RWD stands for Responsive Web Design and can deliver web pages in variable sizes. 
RWD is ideal for viewing a website on a must on tablets and other mobile devices

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Over the past few years, mobile growth has increased in popularity exponentially. Internet usage using devices other than laptops and desktops has become the norm to a point that web sites are viewed more on handheld devices than any other.

Regardless of the type of device being used to access the internet, responsive web design focusses on providing an intuitive user experience enabling easy access to information on the web.



Today nearly 50% of internet traffic is accessed using a mobile device and this number is expected to rise every year. From smartphones to ipdas and tablets, the variety of devices seems to be never ending.  I many businesses responsive design is replacing the traditional apps for businesses, ensuring visitors can read the content on all devices.

If a website site is easy to navigate, then the visitor is expected to spend more ttime on your website.

Ensuring your website is a responsive in design, allows your visitors to view your site clearly across a varierty of platforms.