SEO - Getting seen

Seo - (search engine optimization), the process of simply letting other web surfers know that you're there and are open for business.

What is seo?

Seo - (search engine optimization), the process of simply letting other web surfers know that you're there and are open for business.This is achieved by helping the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and several other less known) understand what your site is all about. The search engines obtain information from your pages using a special program called a spider or robot. The info is provided with the use of special meta tags, headings and the written content of your site.

seo done correctly yields results

Key words

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So for example, a site providing secretarial services would have it's contents read over and stored by the search engines for future use. Then when someone searches for secretary, your results would be retrieved and displayed on a search results page. Simply really.

Links to other websites

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A good link will genuinely be of interest to a site visitor and in some way connected to the theme of your own website. It shows relationship with others on the net and if your website's content is interesting and up to date then others may link to your site, increasing the search engine's awareness of your site and hopefully pushing your ranking up.

Well written content

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SEO isn't just about tags and headers it's also about content and how you convey the information to the site visitor. Well written content will provide the search engines with a clearer understanding of what your site is about, how it relates to similar subjects and how best to categorize the site.

So, SEO does matter and is vital to the success of your web site

How much will it cost? - Additional SEO work - prices depend on your requirements

Some web developes or SEO businesses will charge for the following:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content revision and adjustment
  • Site / page redesign or alterations
  • Meta tags definition & upload
  • ALT tags description definition & upload
  • Google XML site map creation and upload
  • Search Engines submissions
  • SEO Reports
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