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So how much does a website cost?

If you're not looking for a large site and want something that perfectly reflects your business in a professional manner then the 5 page starter pack is an ideal option.

Some businesses only need a few pages and that's fine. Smaller sites may cover the essential basics such as an email contact form and a couple of pages relating to their products or services. Maybe the starter package from £350.00 would suit.
There is a rule in life though that we've all heard ... You get what you pay for. If you want more functionality on the website such as search functions, multi user accounts and the ability to edit content yourself then the price increases (obviously).

Budget & target audience

Think of buying a web site is similar to when you buy a car. You have a general requirement and you have a budget to start you off. From there you assess what you can reasonably expect to get for your money.

If you budget is limited then you may need to consider a small site initially. One that is functional and possess a contact form, content pages, images and styling. I fully understand the dilemma, you want a top of the range website but have limited resources. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say, Amazon in all it's splendour started with a small website and steadily grew into the online giant we all know. Taking small steps and building as you can afford it is the way to go.

  • 5 pages £350.00

  • No of pages - 5
    (see info below)
  • 12 months hosting including basic ssl cert
  • Email accounts (Max:5)
  • SEO - unique tags
  • Contact form (first name, last name, email and message)
  • Content management system
  • Twitter / Facebook integration
  • Basic Google analytics
  • ...
  • ...
  • 7 pages £490.00

  • No of pages - 7
    (see info below)
  • 12 months hosting including basic ssl cert
  • Email accounts (Max:10)
  • SEO - unique tags
  • Contact form (first name, last name, email and message)
  • Content management system
  • Twitter / Facebook integration
  • Basic Google analytics
  • ...
  • ...
  • 10 pages £700.00

  • No of pages - 10
    (see info below)
  • 12 months hosting including basic ssl cert
  • Email accounts (Max:15)
  • SEO - unique tags
  • Contact form (first name, last name, email and message)
  • Content management system
  • Twitter / Facebook integration
  • Basic Google analytics
  • ...
  • ...
  • 20+ pages £1200.00

  • No of pages - 20+
    (see info below)
  • 12 months hosting including basic ssl cert
  • Email accounts (Max:25)
  • SEO - unique tags
  • Contact form (first name, last name, email and message)
  • Content management system
  • Twitter / Facebook integration
  • Basic Google analytics
  • Site search capability
  • CMS multiple user accounts

Optional plugins available

Expand on the capabilities of the cms with powerful yet simple plugins. From image galleries to multi user login accounts and more.

  • Additional addons
  • Application/pdf form download - £20.00
  • Logo design - £100.00
  • Multi user login accounts - £60.00
  • Site search - £60.00
  • Additional addons
  • Subpage child links - £30.00
  • Breadcrumbs - £20.00
  • FAQ accordion - £30.00
  • Want more? . . . contact me today

A little information

Some additional info in relation to websites and what's included.

In all of my sites

All of my websites are mobile friendly and have Google Analytics installed. Cost includes original design work, coding, testing and basic SEO-readiness.

No of pages

While I aim to create as many pages as possible, businesses with more than 20 pages would be instructed (via video tuts) how to add pages themselves.

Additional extras

When buying a new car, most people would expect to pay an additional fee for any additional extras (heated seats, wooden dash etc).

The same applies to your website, adding new functionality to a website takes time and that time is as you would expect, chargeable.

My preferred cms

As Get Simple is my preferred small business choice of cms, most of the websites I develop come with Get Simple CMS so that the option to update the content yourself is available.

I use Get Simple primarily because it helps you, the user make changes to your site with the minimum of effort. The clue is in the name ... Simple

The power of a cms

Edit, Save and Go!

Two main benefits of utilising a cms are the time and cost savings. The cms allows you to create new pages and edit existing pages as and when desired. Now reliance on web developers and no extra fees. Of course if you need something different then by all means let me know and I can make any alterations required*.

With a cms you can:

  • Edit your page's content
  • Add new pages and delete existing pages
  • Upload images
  • Change the theme (the look of the website)
  • Post your latest news
  • Link to your business social media accounts
  • Login from any computer, anywhere
  • Temporarily hide pages
  • Controll who can edit your site
  • "Undo" almost everything
  • Create and save backups
  • and more . . . with addons
Read about cms



Okay first things first, relax - it's not dental work. Now because designing and developing a web site is part creative, part technical we'll need to chat about what your expectations are for the ideal website. What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you want your web site to do? Have you thought about your target audience? Who are trying to reach with your website? What sites do you currently like on the net?

These are just a few questions that will need to be answered. After all preparation at the start of the project saves valuable time and money. Knowing where we're going from the outset gives the project the right focus and also determines what is realistically achievable and what's not.

I'll also determine who the main stakeholders are in relation to the project and their respective roles in the development stage. Again, performing this simple act aids in the flow and quick completion of the project.

I utilize the principles and design practice of 'user centered design'. What does this mean? Well in essence it means the design and development are performed with you and your users in mind rather than what we think is best. Of course I use my expertise and experience in the development but we involve the users from the outset. So what you get at the completion of the project is a web site that is not just aesthetically pleasing but one that meets the usability guidelines for easy and intuitive use by each user who visits your site.


Once the rough layout has been agreed on I then go away, hide from the world and after copious amounts of coffee and several late nights, provide you with a working prototype of the site. This is where you and each stakeholders' feedback is essential. Once you're happy and the approval documentation is signed off . . .then we proceed with the next stage.

This is where we begin the actual coding which includes all the functionality you requested. Aspects such as contact forms and emails, newsletter sign ups, data driven catalogues are all implemented in this phase.

Note: To ensure the smooth running of the project I ask each client to provide the content and images required for the web site. One of the main causes of delay in web development projects is the lack of provision from the client in relation to images and text for the web site. If you need I to provide the images then that can be accounted for. Remember however that content is 'King' as they say. The content of your web site is of utmost importance, after all you want to instill confidence and reassurance in your clients concerning you and your business.

Web site presentation to client

Nearly there. At this stage we present the working site to the client and show all the functionality and content. At this stage we make small changes if required (not a redesign) You may want to alter some of the copy or change some of the images supplied and that's fine, we'll take care of that. Once you're happy then the sign off sheet is signed by you and we continue with the final stage of further user testing, testing the sites across all platforms to iron out any technical glitches should they arise.

Go Live

Here we launch the site to your web server, provide you with backups and the relevant documentation and ensure things are running smoothly.

Cheerio but not goodbye

Many customers simply don't have time or resources to maintain and update their web sites on a regular basis so I provide the option of a yearly maintenance contract* that gives you peace of mind knowing that your site is in good hands.

Once the website is set up and is live, you will be provided with login details and instruction to assist you with updating your website.

In general, approximately four weeks

For bespoke website projects
The copyright notice will be provided to you concerning only the final project (logo, website or other) presented in final form. The notice does not include any draft or prototype material used in the initial and or developmental design phases of the projects.

Websites that utilise a Code Cobber prepaid theme will not own the design layout but instead be granted a user licence (similar to other software on the market)

An advance minimum deposit of 50% of the total cost of the web site project is required before work can commence. Bank transfer is the preferrable method of payment. Once work commences the deposit is non-refundable.

The client's approval for work to commence shall be deemed a contractual agreement between the client and Code Cobber.

Getting your website live on the internet has never been easier. I currently provide hosting packages as part of the service through nationally recognised internet service providers (LCN of London or Heart Internet). Should you require hosting, I provide a setup service that allows me to take care of everything for you. I will establish a hosting account for your business through LCN of London or Heart Internet and ensure you are up and running in no time at all, while you relax and concentrate on running your business.

Hosting note: Although we recommend our preferred web hosting providers, We DO NOT have any direct control over the quality of the services provided by the hosting providers and therefore cannot take any responsibility with regards to the reliability of such services. This is under the control of the individual web hosting provider.

Web packages are priced with your business in mind. All come with 1 year hosting.
Thereafter you pay the hosting provider directly. Alternatively, I provide maintenance plans that takes care of the hosting management for you.Pay as you go and monthly maintenance plans are available.

Please note: If through whatever means you break your site, then a basic hosting set up fee (starting at £75.00) will apply for website reinstallation to the server..
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