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Allowing easy secure access to your content


A cms (content managent system) provides you with the ability to have many users log in and edit different parts of your website from anywhere at any time. 

A login system is a set of credentials used to authenticate a user. Most commonly they consist of a username and password. On occassions, a login may include other information, such as a special PIN number, (banks use this alot), passcode or passphrase. On some mobile (cell) phone,s logins require biometric input, such as a fingerprint scan.

Logins are used to prevent unauthorized access and allow only those with the correct login details to access confidential data or specific areas. Many systems also block users from trying to log in after several failed login attempts. 

Due to the nature of the modern website we now find ourselves accessing data from anywhere in the world, providing the correct internet access is available. A perfect example would be logging into your bank while sitting in a cafe in the middle of city or editing a blog while climbing a mountain. The ability to access your data and edit while On-The-Go has become pervasive within today's society. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. All the social networks have this in common, you can edit and go in seconds and all because of the easy access in which are provided with through secure logins and secure applications.

The whole point of a content management system is to help you share your content with the minimum of fuss. GetSimple and codecobber themes help you do this quickly and easily.

All themes are licenced under the Code Cobber MIT Licence

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