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Searching your content

Using a cms doesn't just make things simple but provides a quicker more efficient use of your time.

Imagine your colleague writes an article several months previously but you don’t know where a document resides in your website. You simply don’t have time to search numerous directories. This is one reason businesses benefit hugely from a cms .

One of the fastest ways to get tasks done is by utilising the system’s seach features. Once logged in, content can be searched for using the inbuilt search facility. The search capibility helps avoid frustration and become more productive simply by finding what you need quickly.

There are several ways to do this. From the admin area to the front public section of the website, It’s all about finding the right result first time, with a single query.


Images and uploaded content

When uploading images or additional documents, the task is made even easier through the cms. The cms allows the selection of multiple resources for upload via simple clicks of the mouse. Within seconds the documents are visibly uploaded and a specific area is provided where you can view and use the new content. From here all aspects of the resource can be viewed and serached for. File size, name, location, dimmensions and a preview are available quickly and easily.

In short, utilising a cms saves you time, reduces duplication and ultimately allows you to concentrate on your core business due to the efficiency it provides.


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